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tell JO-ANN Jo-Ann wants to know your honest feedback about the product. They want your opinion to improve their service and store performance. Moreover, they will offer a discount code worth of $25 at the end of a survey.

Did you know? Your honest review about the Jo-Ann product will improve services and products of a company. Your few precious minutes are crucial for Jo-Ann stores to keep a customer happy. Not only that, they know the value of their customer time, so they are also offering a discount code up to 50% for all the participants. It is a perfect opportunity to save some extra money on your favorite product at Jo-Ann Store. telljoann

About Jo-Ann Stores

Jo-Ann stores are Hudson Ohio based company which offers fabric, home décor fabric, and other related items. It sells its product through its retail outlet as well as online store accessible from Currently, a company has a presence in 850 locations with 23000 employees. The company is in the business from 1943 with millions of happy customers all over the United States and if you are one happy customer then tell your experience about your recent visit.

How to participate in Jo-Ann stores customer satisfaction survey?

  • Open from your device
  • You will need a purchase receipt to participate in the feedback.
  • Enter details such as time, date, 4 digit store number, 2 digit registration number and 4 digit transaction number.
  • All these details are mentioned on the purchase receipt.
  • You have to rate your satisfaction level on the scale of agree to disagree.
  • You have to answer questions related to store cleanliness, atmosphere, product availability, and other related matters.
  • Portal will ask some other questions which will seek your necessary details.
  • You can also enter personal details such as name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

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