Sam’s club Member satisfaction survey – Win $1000 Gift Card

Sam’s Club is inviting his customer to take a membership satisfaction survey. Your feedback is essential for them to; it will help them to enhance customer experience at their store. Upon completion, a consumer gets a chance to win monthly survey sweepstakes. The company offers $1000 gift card as prize money.

Sam’s Club Guest Feedback questionnaire

Holding current customers is very important in cutthroat competition. A company may lose thousands of dollars business if buyers are not happy with the service, staff or product. So it is always helpful to know consumers experience with the company. Member satisfaction program is developed by Sam’s club to understand experience, behavior, and satisfaction of current buyers. It is a set of questions, which will give insight into the mind of consumers.

About the company

SEM West Inc is a retail warehouse club in America. Walmart is an owner and operator of the company; it is a membership only club. It has a presence in 4 countries and 597 locations. It was founded in 1983, and it got its name from the founder of Wal-mart .i.e. Sam Walton.

Sam’s club customer satisfaction survey

  • Recent buyers can access feedback from website of the company .i.e.
  • Choose the language and fill the details asked by the portal.
  • Answer the questions based on your experience
  • Submit the survey and get a chance to win $1000 Gift card as sweepstakes.

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