Panda Express Guest Survey

In this competitive world, customer acquisition and retention are important for any business. You will likely to lose customers if they are not happy with the product and service.

So how do you know that customers are happy with your product? A simple answer to this question is “customer satisfaction survey”.

It is a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. Most of the time big companies offer free food coupon or discount coupon for the feedback participants.

And yes, who doesn’t like free rewards from their favorite restaurants?

Well, here is a similar opportunity from American fast-food restaurant Panda express. If you have recently visited any of the Panda Express food stores then you must take a customer satisfaction survey from

A user can complete an entire survey within five minutes. Your honest feedback is important for Panda Express; moreover, a company is offering a free food coupon code for your valuable time.

Panda Express Guest satisfaction survey 

So you might be wondering, what is Panda Express survey? And why you should not miss this online feedback?

As we have mentioned earlier, the company has started an online feedback website at It collects your experience at the Panda Express store. You can share your good as well as bad experience on this website. It helps management to find out the flaws in the store, system or product.

Based on your feedback, the company will take the necessary steps to improve the product and offering. So indirectly, buyers are helping Panda Express to deliver more every time.

Apart from that feedback program is an excellent way to share your ideas and opinion to the top management. It helps them to formulate policy, upgrade product and eliminated weak areas.

It not only improves goods and service, but it also improves the retention ratio of customers, as happy buyers mean more retention. Moreover retaining shoppers is an important strategy for steady growth.

With this guest survey, panda wants to know about a product, store cleanliness, a taste of the food, order execution speed and other remarks. As a customer, you can share positive as well as negative experience with the management. You can also participate in the Dairy Queen and Jack in the Box feedback program.

Panda Express Guest Survey

How to take part in Panda Express Guest Survey?

The consumer can enter into the survey either online or offline. We have mentioned both methods here; you can choose whatever suits you best. Please note that purchase receipt is necessary for the feedback and receipt is only valid for two days.

Online method

  • Consumers can start the survey from
  • It is the official website of a company, where buyers can share its experience.
  • Once you logged on the website, enter the five digit code on the portal
  • After that survey will begin, where you have to rate your experience
  • If you are satisfied rate accordingly or vice-versa
  • Complete the survey and enter contact details

Offline Method

You can also call on the hotline of the company and register your feedback. Don’t lose your receipt, as you will need details while registering feedback. You have answered the questions related to cleanliness, food quality, taste, staff, and promptness of the order.

About Panda Express

Did you know Panda express was known as Panda Inn?

I bet you didn’t know this fact.

Well, a married couple Andrew and Peggy Cherng have started first Panda Inn restaurant in 1983. People loved the dishes and it inspires them to do more. After that, it inspired them to start a more fast-food outlet in other areas. They have also changed the name to Panda express.

The typical menu includes chicken, beef, meals, combo, and other Chinese food product. You may find panda express restaurants anywhere in the USA. It is the most loved Chinese food chain in the States. It is truly an international fast-food company with a presence on 2000 plus locations all over the world.

The current valuation of Panda express chain is whopping $3.3 billion and it makes Andrew and Peggy Cherng richest people in America.

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