Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey & Get 25% off

We all have visited Mister Car wash and we all liked fast service offered by them. Recently they have started asking customers about service given to them through online mode. Mister car wash is using an online portal www.tellmister.com. It collects feedback and suggestions from customers and offers a discount of 25% to the clients.

Mister car wash survey to win 25% off

Retaining an old customer is profitable than finding new customers. Business saves tons of money if old customer sticks to the company. Therefore Mister car wash has started asking the opinion of clients from Tell Mister carwash survey, which is easily accessible through www.tellmister.com. It aims to take feedback from clients and finds a weak area where improvement is needed. Regular buyer can also add a suggestion, which can be a goldmine to the company. This survey improves the brand value and increases the loyalty of purchaser.Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Mister car wash

Mister Carwash is an American company offers fast car wash to its clients. It has a presence in 21 states with 250 stores. First car wash store was opened in 1969 and today it operates with more than 250 stores, 7000 plus employee and millions of happy customers. The company has developed positive impact on their unparallel service. Each car gets the same service and at the end of service, the car looks more shiny brighter and cleaner. It is the reason that Mister car wash is a most loved company in America.

How to take part in Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey and get a 25% off on Next wash?

  • Tell Mister car wash survey is available on www.teelmister.com.
  • It is an official portal, which collects data of the clients and aims to improve service.
  • A user has to enter 3 digit store number and survey will begin in few seconds.
  • Enter required details and complete survey


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