BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey – $500 Gift Card | Sweepstakes

Who doesn’t like to shop at lowest prices than anywhere else? If you have enjoyed your shopping at BJ’s then let the company know with the help of BJ’s Customer Receipt survey. You could also win a $500 in Monthly sweepstakes. Customer will receive $500 in the form of gift card, which can be used in your future purchase.

BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey

Every business wants to grow in their field and asking a customer about their experience is the best way to know the actual status of a company. However, when you are a big company like BJ’s Wholesale club, it is difficult to ask every customer. It can be a lengthy and difficult process to ask thousands of customers about their experience. However, there is a way to know the experience of a buyer and that is BJ’s customer satisfaction survey. It is available on  It will take roughly 5 minutes to complete the feedback questionnaire and at the end of a survey, a client will get a chance to win $500 Gift card in monthly sweepstakes. you can also win sweepstake gift card in City Barbeque Customer Feedback Survey.BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey

About BJ’s

BJ’s wholesale club INC popularly known as BJ’s is a wholesale club in the United States. It is a membership only club operating with 26000+ employees. The company was founded in 1984 in Massachusetts. Today company operates with 200 store and 26000+ employees.

How to take part in BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey?

  • In order to participate in feedback program, a client has to open
  • A BJ’S contest is open for club members on the official portal.
  • A user has to answer some simple question such as have you enjoyed the stay, you will also have to enter club name, registration number, transaction number, cashier name, and date of purchase.
  • Answer all the question honestly and at last, you will get a chance to win survey sweepstakes.

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